Pujiu temple is located in yongji city PuZhou YuanShang town west village。[1] Pujiu temple was built in the tang dynasty empress wu period,Formerly known as west YongQing courtyard,10 is a buddhist temple。Yuan wang shifu《West chamber Cui Yingying for months》Matchmaker said in the month under the red line,Ying-ying went will Cui Yingying of love story happened on pujiu temple。 From1986Years,The new repair pujiu temple,The temple architectural layout for 3 three sets,Grand scale,Having a unique style。From YuanShang to protect,A castle in the house,Gallery pavilions pagoda,In accordance with the tableland potential,Rise step by step,Here you are...【For details
Friendship connection:West chamber network museum
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